Best ways to make money in GTA Online in 2021

Making money is, and has always been, an integral part of GTA Online.

Although the game features a number of ways for players to generate extra streams of income, not every money-spinning wagon is worth jumping on. Some are extremely time-consuming and just not worth the time and investment in the end.


5 safest ways to make money in GTA Online in 2021

If the player needs to make a quick buck in GTA Online, they don’t need to look any further than contact missions.

Contact missions

While these missions announce fairly decent payouts, they are super -engaging in nature and also allow the player to rack up extra cash bonuses and RP. Only a couple of these missions, however, are available at the start. The rest unlock as the player levels up in the game.

Gerald’s jobs, in particular, are super profitable and fairly easy to grind. They also unlock pretty early on in the game, so beginners can enjoy the good life in GTA Online without having to grind 24/7.


Collectibles are universally agreed upon as the quickest way to earn the big bucks in GTA Online. They dont require hours and hours of hard work and grinding. nor any gaming expertise. All the player needs to do after starting the quest is just look for the collectables in the marked places. Peyote plants are the most popular collectible in GTA Online. Consuming them morphs the player into an animal that cannot be hurt in any way.


Races are a great way to unwind the hyper-stimulation caused by hours and hours of gameplay (GTA Online can get intense at times), but they are also super lucrative in nature. Players can make a good deal of cash grinding the good old lane where people bring all sorts of awe-inspiring vehicles. During Double and Triple money events, most GTA Onine races pay twice or thrice as much as usual, which is always a treat for the community.

Treasure Hunt

If the player doesn’t want to engage in monotonous jobs and want a break from all the trademark hard work that comes with playing GTA Online, they can embark on a simple and fun little treasure hunt. Not only are these hunts great fun, they are also quite rewarding.

These hunts can only be initiated after the player receives an email from There will be a black and white image attached to the email that will give a vague specification of where the bounty is hidden. There are 20 locations in total. The game chooses one at random.

Heists have always been, and perhaps will always be, an integral part of GTA Online. After all, one can’t claim to be the most notorious criminal in existence without having committed a grand robbery.

Cayo Perico Heist

Cayo Perico is very popular heists in GTA Online, partly because it can be done by single guy . The baseline payout of this mission is recorded at a astonishing figure of $1,078,000. If the player nails all the optional objectives, they can make as much as $4,570,600.

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